New and confused

I run cut and it never cuts through. I have set it to run 3 passes and burns but still doesn’t cut through. What am I doing wrong

First thing to check is the Settings for the cut. It’s normal for the machine to default to a safe 1% power if Proofgrade materials are not being used.

Thanks! Yeah I have tried slowing down the speed also.

In order to analyze the issue, support will ask you to Print the Gift of Good Measure on a sheet of Proofgrade material and take pictures of the front and back so they can see what is going on with it…it should speed things up for you if you want to just do that now and post them here.

Is your cut line a vector or a raster? Raster is dots per inch and works well for engraving. When you enlarge a raster the dots pull apart. The more dots per inch the sharper the image. Vector is made with lines and points, and uses math to resize. Glowforge recognizes vector as cut or score and raster as engrave.

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