New Cabinet for my GlowWorm

I have been looking to redo my garage work area. Found this cabinet on sale at Home Depot. Normally $350, on sale for $309 and they only had the floor model and gave me another $50 off. Drawers are about 21" deep, so they hold :proofgrade: materials just perfectly. Need to change 2 of the casters show I can pull it straight out from the wall for pass through use.



I have that one. Switched out the casters to 4 new ones from HD as well - couldn’t find just two that matched the ones on it. Got 4 swivels, 2 are locking. I put the locking ones on the front so I can pull it out for pass through use.


@jamesdhatch I have the same plan. Problem is, I have it all loaded up, so I need to take out the drawers to figure out what I need and install them.

I was too lazy for that. I replaced one wheel at a time by unbolting it, lifting the corner enough to slide the replacement in and then bolted the new one in place. Worked my way around the cabinet. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was able to check the replacement casters against the floor model though. Since you bought the floor display you could pull one of them off of yours and leave it resting on a couple of 2x4s or something while you take it to the store to find the new ones. As I recall the ones I got are a bit larger diameter but had a 300(?)lb rating which was one of their more robust ones. Urethane wheels too I think.

Not sure it’s faster or easier than emptying everything and putting it on its side or back, but it seemed to be to my lazy self :wink:


Perfect. :sunglasses:

Envious! :star_struck:

Very happy with mine, but I have yet to change the wheels.

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