New carriage plate?

is it possible to get a new carriage plate? I was cleaning my machine and had a family emergency and left the house in a panic and came home a few days later and cannot find my carriage plate . Ive been looking for days now, it might have gotten tossed out to garbage.

Support will get back to you. I believe the part is about $150, so I would keep looking.


thank you!

I just got one of the plates in the other week and it was $150. You need to email support.

And I feel ya. I have lost my crumb tray more than once :slight_smile:

Lol!! losing your crumb tray, damn! I would though literally lose my head if it was not attached, hahahaha.

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Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about the trouble @allseasonstim808.

I see you emailed us as well, I’m going to close this post so we can continue providing support via email.