New Chinese laser

I really enjoyed this guy’s videos of stumbling through learning his cheap laser, and now he has a new one. Probably not so cheap… Light Blade.

UK design, Chinese manufacture


Yes, Russ’s videos are highly informative. Defines “avuncular” for me. Think LASER chose wisely in this marketing decision to send him one. Really a great video to understand the assembly of a laser. Looking forward to how this all works out for him.


Alright, it was interesting, and sometimes he was funny in a very British sort of way. :slight_smile: - Rich


And using a power drill as a hammer - lol (@2:01) :no_mouth:

Although I am surprised no neighbor could help him unload it?


I’m no stranger to CNCs and love to tinker and build(have built 2 CNCs from scratch) but have never owned a laser. After watching that I am soooo glad I have backed this(GF) project!!!

@PIGHEADED who here hasn’t used that hammer???


I believe that’s a re-branded gweike. Solid machines.


Looks close, I notice the video specifies the drives being servo as opposed to stepper listed in the specs of the link.

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They do customize them for different buyers - the next size up comes standard with servos, so they might be able to do that by request.

I’m just speculating, though, based on the pictures shown.


I suspect that with his You tube popularity, the company saw an opportunity and graced him with an upgraded machine to illustrate it’s ability.

His style to take you with him as he makes his mistakes and investigates the causes is great. His previous video is a good example. he is looking for the cause of the banding.


Not to mention his engineering and math skills…


As I was watching his video, my wife asked “is that the voice of the Geico lizard?” I’m not so sure it isn’t! LOL


I’m pretty convinced it’s not a rebranded GWeike machine, there are too many little differences in things like the door locks and the adjustment screws, even the power buttons, that’s where we get our machines from :slight_smile:

I do however thoroughly recommend Weike if you’re importing into the US though.


One thing scares me in this video. He drinks coffee on his machine… Soon, There won’t be a coffee mug less far than 1 miles from my glowforge!!


I think that he (SarBar?) mentioned that the laser is a Chinese import that has been refitted and upgraded by the UK supplier so the servos could have been upgrades by the UK outfit. It did look like a nice, well-built machine.


My understanding was the design specifications were UK and the build was Chinese.
I may be mistaken…
“The biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has occurred.” :wink:


Wow! Been watching his videos at work here for several hours now :slight_smile: Brings up some new things I didn’t know! Thanks for sharing these!


Didn’t realize that Russ did a whole series of videos on his Lightblade from Thinklaser. I knew he had gotten one and then missed this series as a takeoff from his RDWorks Learning lab series.


I love Russ’ videos. He is the only person I have heard pronounce laser correctly. I.e. laser not lazer. The S stands for stimulated, so no reason to pronounce it laser, but everybody does, including myself.

Interesting that machine gears down the X stepper motor with a second belt and pulleys.

Re: the sound the ‘s’ makes in ‘laser’.

With all respect, I think the word ‘correctly’ is too strong here.

The pronunciation of ‘laser’ was based on ‘maser’. I have a strong feeling that the inventors of the maser also defined the pronunciation of ‘maser’. In that case a better way to pronounce ‘laser’ would be with the ‘z’ sound.

Or if one extends the idea that ‘dictionaries define words’ to ‘dictionaries define pronunciation’ then the ‘z’ sound is definitely better.

Also, the ‘a’ in ‘laser’ is long. The ‘a’ in ‘amplification’ is not. Following the rule you present we should pronounce ‘laser’ with a short ‘a’ vowel sound.

It seems to me that, in the great majority of cases, once the letters are written down as an acronym the usual rules of pronunciation apply. Consider the acronyms ‘snafu’, ‘fubar’, and ‘radar’. You’d just end up with gibberish in some cases otherwise, as for ‘RAID’ or the old TV show ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E’. Following the idea you present, it’s fascinating to figure out how to approach pronouncing the recursive ‘GNU’.

I’ve just never seen a case that the pronunciation of an acronym that is lower-cased in normal usage has to follow the pronunciation of the letters in the phrase the acronym was derived from. It probably happens, it’s just too rare to fall back on that as a fixed rule of the correct way to pronounce such an acronym.


“I say lazer, you say lassehr…”