New compact filter switch feature

Hey guys! I saw the update for the new features today. I was very curious about the new compact filter switch feature. Apparently clicking it will reduce the fan speed so that the compact filter will take on the bulk of the airflow.

Other than using this feature alongside the compact filter, I’m guessing that this will help with cutting paper since it will reduce the airflow? Obviously this is probably not something glowforge recommends. Excited to try it out though

I doubt it would have much effect with the paper as the air assist fan mounted on the head is the one that blows right at the cutting area.


Oh. Right. Darn

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I do wonder if it’s somehow better for the machine to switch that on if, for example, one has a high-CFM booster fan. This is solidly outside the manual territory but as long as I’m breaking the rules, I might as well do it in the healthiest way.


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