New Copy and Paste Tool

SO excited to see the new feature about copying from one design into another in the GF workspace; which I have wanted for awhile.
However, it’s just not working.
I am using an Apple MacBook. I have a Premium Subscription. I have used command/copy on keyboard. However, when I go into the new design, nothing happens.

Any thoughts?

Which browser are you using? I am also on a MacBook using command/c and command/v. Works great in Chrome as well as Firefox.

If you are in one design and have another window open, you should be able to paste to that second window. If you close out of the window the data in the copy is lost.

Thanks, I just tried that (because I was copying, then opening through the dashboard the new design and trying to paste)
and it STILL isn’t working.

Hmmm… using safari - off to try one of the other two and see if that works. thanks.

Open both windows then go to the window to copy and the other window to paste. I have done that in the google windows app and it worked.

Unfortunately, I have tried all 3 web browsers; AND opening separate windows in various formations, and it STILL doesn’t work. I have. tried premium art/text, my own art/text.
I am at a loss.

Just to go over this one more time, you are selecting an object, clicking command c, then going to a different design and clicking command v and nothing happens?

Can you copy and past within a design with these keys?

I am unable to copy and paste as well. Same scenario. Safari and Bing. Using ctrl-c then ctrl-v. Also used the UI copy and paste. Was this a recent update?

Doesn’t work here either. They probably just haven’t rolled it out to everyone.

I just now used it. I opened both windows, used the popup to copy, then went to the other window and used the popup to paste,
It worked perfectly!(except the part would not fit in the cutting area) :cry:

Exactly, and yes I can.

Yes, it was rolled out this month. or last month? forgot it was April already

I’m glad it worked for you… Ive tried this as well to no avail.

This is not working for me. I have tried all the above scenarios. I am a premium user as well. Thx. Watching this for resolutions

Send Support an email. They don’t monitor the forum, and since the process works for many (most) users, they will have to work with you to get your interface working properly.

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