New Copy & Paste feature will not work for me

The New Copy & Paste feature will not work for me. I can copy & paste within the same design, but not from one design to another.
I have the latest Chrome version on my desktop PC Windows 10 Pro. Has anyone had this issue and fixed it?

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I believe others have had this issue and contacted Glowforge support. I don’t know if they got it resolved, but you should email Support.

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I have this problem and posted earlier, tried all the suggestions (e.g. hav ing both designs open at the same time), no luck. No help from GF either, but I would defiantly contact them - hopefully you will have a better response :grin:

Does not work in Chrome, Firefox or Safari for me.

I have not contacted support because I have no use for it. I just tested when others reported it.

I’ve contacted Glowforge and have been in discussion with them.
Their response makes absolutely no sense to me. They’re saying it’s impossible to do what they update says it will do.
I’ve been going round and round with them with no clear answer. It’s extraordinarily frustrating when you can’t speak to a person and have a continuous conversation.
I’d like to hear from somebody that this update works for.
How does it work?
How are you using it?

Last time this came up, several people said it works fine for them.

This feature works for me for copying and pasting items from one design to another. I am running a very old version of Inkscape and it doesn’t always work with that software.

Inkscape works fine. The “feature” being discussed is within the GF UI.

Glowforge states you can copy/paste to and from the interface into other graphics programs. It works for me in AI, but not Inkscape.

I am right there with you! I went to their post and followed their instructions to the letter but it does not work for me.

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