New Cursor lines

Hey all
is there a way to turn off the new update that shows the movements of images? I do not like it at all! When placing multiple images to be engraved, it is impossible to make small movements as before. now the images move in linear increments making it impossible to situate each image in relation to the other.

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Situating images in relation to each other is exactly what those lines are doing for you. They’re helping you to automatically align objects to the top, bottom or midpoint of other objects in the workspace so that things are lined up perfectly without having to eyeball it.

You have several options to disable alignment snapping if you’d prefer:

  1. Click the alignment button that appears at the bottom left of the workspace when anything is selected, and flip the “Snap align and distribute” toggle off

  2. Hold the CTRL key on your keyboard while dragging to temporarily disable snapping

  3. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move around the selection by small increments


Many Thanks


If you’re meaning the green alignment lines feature I believe you can toggle them off via a button by the measure button.

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Thank you, @dan84 because the only thing that was going to snap was me!

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