New dining table! What to laser?

I just got a new dining table (industrial reclaimed wood + metal), and of course now want to put the laser to work on associated items. Any and all suggestions appreciated! I have a basic, or else I’d totally be making a long runner with a lasered design of some sort.

Existing general thoughts…

  • Placemats and trivets: cork or felt
  • Coasters, coasters, coasters
  • Cutlery and napkin caddy
  • Variety of centerpiece ideas, though I’m more interested in functional pieces
    • Jazz up small mirrors (I have these)
    • Tea light holders
    • Assorted themed things

Also, serving stuff (cutting boards, slate cheese boards, etc.) is less what I’m after here – more the stuff that could stay on the table full time.


If you had Tea Bags or Sugar packets etc


Cork engraves pitch black with very low power. I’m a fan of the IKEA Avskild.

If you do some post processing you can make it look really different:


Yes! I’ve definitely been eyeing those. Glad to have your expertise on working with them made readily available.


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