New Discourse bug

There is a problem on the forum when using an Android tablet.

When I select the Tracking button @discourse is opening the Android keyboard and the collapsing both the keyboard and the Tracking selection panel. I am not able to select Normal or Watch for a topic.

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This bug has been resolved, it’s just pending a deploy of the site. Deploys
for all sites are in progress, should be completed within the next hour.


Thank you.

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Apparently this site didn’t get the patch.

The problem is persisting today. Thanks

The bug is different today @discourse

Now when selecting the Tracking button, the screen realigns, the button choices are displayed and scroll to the bottom of the screen to be hidden by the keyboard that is still opening too. At least both don’t immediately collapse so I am able to scroll and make a selection.

I have not tried minimizing the keyboard since the scroll is working. The keyboard pop-up is the problem here.


What device and browser are you using when this occurs?

HP 10 G2 Tablet running Android 5.0.1

Chrome browser version 62.0.3202.84

Good morning @discourse just letting you know this is still a bug.

Thank you

Sorry for the delay, needed to get our hands on an Android tablet for
testing. We’re looking into this now.

No problem, thank you for looking.

Thanks for the report @hansepe. I was able to successfully reproduce this using my Android tablet.

We are tracking this at here.

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