New Features for Old Customers

So, I saw the July announcement and was wondering, “Do the people that have already received their Glowforge get the new updates?” Is it something that is updated via cloud? If they don’t get all the new updates (like the heat stop), then isn’t it better to receive the Glowforge later…


I believe all of the announced features (if I remember them off the top of my head) will be software updates, with the exception of the black crumbtray.


As @jbmanning5 said, software is cloud based, but features that are model specific will remain model specific (Pro - Passthrough image alignment, potential store items that might need Pro features, hardware additions - black crumb tray (is available on both models), pass through slot shields. Filter owners) will be available to some owners because of delivery schedules and model choices.

The Pre-Production and Beta users are/have units owned by Glowforge and thus have units which get unique treatments (software and hardware configs), but eventually get returned to Glowforge.


Yes and no. The PRU and Beta users receive the new updates (like the ones for the new Power levels) that everyone else gets, but the machines that we are using are not configured and optimized to take full advantage of them.

So although we can access the new power levels, it’s more work for us to use them because we have to do manual overrides. The Production units can do it automatically, the Pre-Release and Beta machines can’t.

Does that make sense? :slightly_smiling_face:


To clarify what @Jules is saying, is the PRUs = sort of, since some of the new software required hardware tweaks. From what @dan said, all the new production machines get all the new features fully since those had the calibrated tubes.


Hi @chunni.kdlee. Welcome to the forum. Probably lots of stuff that you are unfamiliar with that we all take for granted.

PRUs if you did it know are pre-release units that some of us got to use as public testers of the Glowforge. I had a very early one so I don’t enjoy the full use of these power settings updates. Some folks got later test units that can be updated. The user interface though gets updated completely.

But you are most concerned about production units shipped to people who ordered. These will be all updated via software and firmware pushes. So the first ones shipped will enjoy the same benefits of the last ones shipped.

Hope that helps.


I’ve been getting all the updates. Although, I haven’t tested the “Heat Stop”.

The hardware for the production units is all there. The software is still being worked on. But any changes to the software is all done via the cloud, so there is no real issue.


I believe I read that the black crumb tray was for all production units.

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It is, but some of the earliest models don’t have the black coating yet. (So there are a few going out at the beginning of the Production run that don’t have black trays yet.)


(raises hand)


I have the “limited edition” silver tray and I like it :sunglasses:


Yes, they get all the updates from the last update. All new features we have planned are expected to be available regardless of ship date.