New filter, fan not running after a couple of hours?

Finally got the “Glowforge Air Filter” (the one with wheels that sits on the floor) and have used it for about two hours… and now the fan doesn’t run. Beeps twice when I turn it on, but it did that when it was working… suggestions? (There weren’t any instructions, but it did seem to work out of the box…)

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You were cutting Mdf or PG plywood?

Nope! a little bit of cardboard, and a bunch of ProofGrade 5mm acrylic.

If the filter is not full and you have played with the switch which is variable power and the fan does not pull air even with the hose disconnected then you might have to wait for those with more knowledge than myself.

The knob that is labeled “new” and “full”? I turned it a bit closer to full and the fan came on. Is there any documentation for this (I assumed it was a run-timer sort of thing, but apparently not?)

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Yes, there is a manual.


I don’t have a filter, but several reports have said that it does need to be turned a bit for it to kick on, which can be confusing with the labels of new to full.


I have the Compact Filter and it works the same way. It’s a variable speed fan. Just turn the knob to the right until it kicks on. (The graphic is representational, not exact. Mine kicks on at about 1/6 of the way over.)


I’m so sorry you hit a snag! It seems the community has given some great advice here. Could you please let me know if you are still having any trouble with your Air Filter?

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Thanks! Didn’t find that with any of the shipping info or anywhere in the box. Turns out the beeping on powerup means “please turn the knob a little higher” :slight_smile: Overall a little excessively human-in-the-loop, but at least it’s actually explained…

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I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!

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