New Firmware?

Did a new firmware push last night?
I got the restart after power-on this AM.

It was determined that the restart that occurs during startup without any firmware update is not an issue that needs to be addressed.

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I haven’t seen a new one yet*. Still on 1.4.0-21.

* It’s possible that they may limit who gets new firmware, but that hasn’t seemed to have happened during past updates.


@scott.wiederhold, thank you for providing answers and illumination in an information black hole


Thank you for reaching out.

Your Glowforge will check for updates when you turn it on. If there is an update available, your Glowforge will install it.

I extracted the logs for your Glowforge, and your Glowforge did not restart to install a firmware update.

We’ve tracked down the bug responsible for this issue. While we don’t have a fix available now, the behavior is harmless, and doesn’t affect any other aspect of your machine or its operation.