New Forum


Any thoughts on creating a 2nd forum that is only accessible to owners (in-hand) of a Glowforge? The amount of troll posts is starting to get out of hand.

While I don’t have mine yet, I am very much looking forward to receiving it, and the experience would be a lot better if those that couldn’t wait, or never bought, are separated out.


Anyone who cancels loses posting privilege, and no one except owners can post to the forum, unless that’s changed.

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Owners and invited users of a machine.

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i think he wants to eliminate the people who don’t have a GF yet.


I originally thought this too, but there are a lot of people that have “said” they canceled, but yet they still post often.

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It’s an awfully expensive way to be a troll. What’s odd for me is seeing this activity pick up even as more and more people get their machines. Probably the last half dozen people to receive a GF will have to be institutionalized :smile:


Until they actually do, they will have posting privileges.

Some are going to wait until they get their “Golden Email” to decide whether to cancel.

Even then, if they are granted access to someone else’s GF :glowforge:, they will still posting privileges until they seriously violate the forum rules ( decided by Dan specifically)

If you see that, shoot us a note - it’s possible they were missed. Much more likely they changed their minds, though. :slight_smile:

I’ve thought about dedicating part of the forum to the topics that get the most “when do I get mine” attention - perhaps “Shipping” or something similar. But owners who we haven’t delivered to yet get more of my sympathy than anyone; I’m not going to shut them out.