New Fusion 360 release

Good news for those of us that use Fusion 360. The latest release has significantly improved text handling, including adding the long overdue text on a path feature. Yay!


Also, I don’t know exactly when they added it, but the Manufacturing Workspaces + Arrange feature is awesome. Automatically goes from a design model to a flat sheet with all the parts nested, and without modifying the original model!


Oh, finally! That was so tedious.

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Where is this magic located? I’m not very good at navigating the F360 interface yet. :frowning:

EDIT: I found the manufacturing workspace…still not seeing an “arrange” function, though.

It’s in preview, you have to turn it on the the preferences. See here.

I’m planning to do a little tutorial/walkthrough this evening.


Oh, yay!

Quick and dirty explanation via screenshots:



Then finish edit, create a setup and process with Colorific as per usual.


Are you using the free version? I don’t have that option in Preferences. :frowning:

Me either (also on the free version).

Oh, that really sucks. I thought those were all public preview features.

I think I accidentally have a subscription because I purchased 3 years of Eagle CAD and they merged it into F360. I have no desire to renew but this is a massively useful feature that I will be really pissed off to lose.

I’m not going to make the video, because I don’t want to promote something that isn’t included in the free version.


Oh, well. I’m not good enough with F360 yet for it to make much difference to me, I guess.

At least we do get the new text improvements!

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