New GF not working

I just bought a GF plus and it arrived last week. I set it up over the weekend and it’s not working properly. The left side prints fine but as it moves to the right side of the PG wood it doesn’t cut through. I tried 3 different PG materials and 3 different files and it all turned out the same. I’ve left a voice message and email for customer service and haven’t heard a thing from them at all and that was days ago. I’m shocked over being left hanging like this after spending over $5k. I only have a short amount of time to use the GF premium and the 30 day return window. What in the world do I do? I want to cry and return it.

Edit to add: I cleaned the printer head, mirror, etc. The boards were not warped. I’ve tried everything on this brand new machine and have absolutely no help. I’m at a loss.

The problem you describe can be the result of the optics being out of alignment. This can happen if the unit is handled roughly during shipping. Users cannot realign the optics if this is the problem. Glowforge support will address this issue. When you emailed support, you should have received an automatic reply within 24hours. Check your spam folder.


I did receive an email but that was it, just the automated email asking if my login info they had was correct. I haven’t received anything else from them. Thank you, I hope if it is the optics if can be resolved quickly.

Exercise patience if you can. Support is excellent, however slow. They WILL get back to you.


Support will get back to you , they are slow . I had a problem like that and they shipped me a new print head under warranty , so have a little patience, I know its hard sitting there with a brand new machine, I’ve been there. Good Luck

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