New GF partial printing

Just got… It’s shot :frowning:

Did you just get a replacement unit or a new machine?

Tube or mirror knocked out of alignment during shipping. Get ready to pack it back up. :frowning:


Brand Spanking new unit, too!!!

(big tear rolls down cheek)

Hi @Deleted. I’m so sorry to see that you’ve run into some unexpected print results with your new Glowforge. I wanted to let you know that we have this currently under review and will follow up with you with any next troubleshooting steps to help you get this resolved. I appreciate your time and patience, and we’ll be in touch again soon.

I did the GoGM wont cut on left , won’t print at all on right… I think its ‘dead jim, umm brandon’

My brand new GF is doing the exact same thing !!!

When I try to recalibrate it gets all the way to the “recalibrating” step and then starts clicking and puts up " Interrupted" on the screen

sounds like your gantry is slightly off track, shut off machine, and make sure the head moves left right (slowly push the head all the way to the right, then back to the left, see if it travels freely) then same thing, move gantry all the way forward then back, make sure its all moving freely.


I wouldn’t describe it as moving freely - it feels like it is under tension. Do I dare try to mess with any of the mechanical stuff?

It does this…then it does this…
then it does this…


is there anyway to work on the alignment?

There’s not. It’s set at the factory and that’s it.

If you believe you have the same problem as @Deleted with prints not visible at all on one side of the bed, you can stop trying to re-calibrate the lid camera. You won’t be able to, and doing so wouldn’t help.

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thank you so much - so I should just put it back in the box and send it back?

You need to send an email to GF. Posting on someone else’s thread will not get you help from GF. You have to open your own ticket by sending them an email and they will contact you with things to try. Only then will GF tell you if you need to send it back or not.

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@ wilsonpf

thank you - i only used that thread because it was the same issue - was hoping for a magic decoding ring

nope, no ring, and no cracker jacks either! :frowning:
on the bed, do you have any printout of the Glowforge logo?
or the same fade out that I have,?


I have sent you an email for the next steps since we will have to do the next steps over email.