New GF Video

Does it show sped up footage or should my GF print that fast?

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Looks like it’s cardstock, and yes, cardstock is really fast.

In the video’s 1:17 mark…he’s in a photo with another woman. His Sister? Girlfriend? Mistress? Other Wife? (Guessing that later in the video he’s with his current family)

Just entertaining speculation. Standing by for fake news :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks like the same woman to me. Interestingly, they’re each using a different Glowforge, and seemingly in different homes.

I see a separated/divorced family, the man attempting to win back his wife’s affection by making her a lamp reminiscent of a long-past fun day at the Seattle Center.


Ahhh…excellent perspective. He may have been in hot water because he didn’t want to taker her up to the top of the needle, thus the photo near the bottom. (or…she didn’t trust him with her life and she didn’t want to go up to the top).

All looks like it is being mended with the GF!

GF…mending broken marriages, one pew at a time!

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