New Glowforge and not cutting

I just set up my machine and I did the Gift of Good Measure as my test print. It cut but not all the way through. So I set it up to cut again and now its not even printing anything. I only got the machine on Friday and set it up today. Please help. I did not mess with the settings and used the proofgrade medium draft board to cut.

Post pictures of the front and back of the 2nd attempt, and note the time and timezone. Support will assess.

Unfortunately, the machine may need to be replaced.

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I tried both versions. This was done today at 7.30pm Eastern Time.
I really hope it can be fixed by some kind of setting. I will be super sad if I have to send it back already :frowning:

Better to have it dealt with now, than require an expensive repair out of warranty.

Did you follow all of the steps in the troubleshooting guide for this issue?

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Doing that now. But we did find a small white speck on the window. When we were putting it together we noticed it and took a picture.

That shouldn’t be an issue but support would have to weigh in.

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That’s a real buzzkill, but hang in there, they will make it right. :+1:

Thanks, I really hope so. I was too disappointed. I have been looking forward to receiving it and it then was delivered early so i was even more happy.

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Yeah, it’s an emotional rollercoaster. Many of us early adopters know it well. Delay after delay. Turns out it was worth every minute.
As an owner, you will find this community the best accessory for your new tool. :sunglasses:
Welcome to the club. :+1:


Thanks!! I am soo excited to make things. I am confident they will take care of the issue and as it was said before it’s better it happened now rather than when it was out of warranty

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.