New Glowforge not centering

Hi there!

I am a brand new GF Plus owner. I’ve had it for about 24 hours now. I got it setup right away, immediately printed The Gift of Good Measure and then was able to print two keychains on the GF medium acrylic they sent.

This afternoon, I made another little design and printed that keychain without issue. Maybe an hour later, I tried to print another and it said it didn’t have a connection. My WiFi was fine but I turned off the machine and restarted my router, logged back in and tried again. This time it got stuck on Centering. Turned it off, cleaned lenses, checked printer head, this time it got stuck on Homing. Sometimes it sees the bed, sometimes it doesn’t. The printer head moves back and forth without issue, it isn’t dirty, the GF logo is clear. I don’t know what to do! I’ve reached out to support but haven’t heard back just yet.

Hoping someone here might be able to help me troubleshoot (and reassure me that problems like this aren’t common. It’s an awfully large purchase to have issues so soon!) Thank you in advance. I have a video of the sound it’s making as well if that is helpful!

When stuff like this happens, it’s almost always the wifi. Your other devices may be fine even if the Glowforge is having a problem connecting.

Even if another 2.4 GHz gadget in the same room as the Glowforge seems fine… The Glowforge may be having a wifi fit.

My wifi was fine for years, literally years, until one day it was not and I had the same problems as you–and it was only the Glowforge acting up, not even the 2.4GHz camera right next to it. I had to change the channel on my router from 6 to 11.

I recommend you try both channels 6 and 11 on your router and see if one works better than the other.


Just to add to that, the wifi module used in the GF is as cheap as it gets, and as a result, wifi issues are not uncommon.

Moving the machine closer to the router doesn’t always help, the module is simply junk.

Mine has worked reliably for 5 years BUT will not complete the camera calibration process. I’ve explained this and what I had to do in other posts, but the point is, no matter how reliable other devices are on your wifi, that means nothing when it comes to the GF.


Thank you! Is there a way for me to find your solution or where you discussed it? I searched for “Wi-Fi issues” and looked at your activity but had no luck. Again, I’m brand new to this!

This is so interesting. I will try that and also try moving it from under the table. Thank you for trying to help!

So I moved my router (it’s in the same room as my GF) but no luck. I also do not see where I can “change the channel.” Has anyone had luck with a Ethernet cable Wi-Fi booster?

No. As mentioned above, it’s not a signal strength issue.

That is buried somewhere in your wireless router settings. If you poke around the place where you name your wifi and set the password you may be able to find it.

For 2.4 GHz wifi there are many channels but generally speaking you want to stick with channels 6 and 11. Ignore any settings for your 5 GHz wifi, and if you see channel numbers that are over 11, you are also looking in the wrong place.

There’s no guarantee this will help, but it is one of the few settings we have to play with.


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