New Glowforge Plus - Set up tonight, stuck on focusing

Hi! I just set up my glowforge plus, it is stuck on focusing and will not get past that point. The laser has not moved at all. I have checked the boards and found some discussion about checking the 5 connection clips, we have done so and they look okay. Any thoughts? Would love to get this fired up and start our first cut…
Thanks for your feedback

Uh-oh! That’s no fun straight out of the box. :neutral_face:

The folks from Support can look at the individual metrics for the machine to see what the actual problem is, but it can take a while sometimes for them to get to your turn. If you want to try something to get it going, you can try turning off the machine, then open the lid, turn the machine back on, let it sit for about 15 minutes or so to load any updates without interruption, then close the lid and let it finish the Startup Calibration before sending any commands to it.

While it’s loading updates, it might turn itself off and back on if it needs to restart…it’s all automatic. The Startup Calibration is complete when the gantry moves out to let the lid camera take a picture of the logo on top of the head (make sure that is clean, no glare from bright lights overhead), and then moves back to the left rear home position to park. You should then get a READY status on the app next to the Print button.


Thank you so much for your detailed reply! You ROCK!!! I am trying this all right now as we speak. I left the lid open for the 15 min and closed it. So far no movement with anything…ekkk! Fingers crossed that will change…

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.