New Glowforge use: Data Storage




Not entirely sure if our glowforge will be able to THAT! :slight_smile: lol. Lets see… even if the three dimensional control was super accurate, the GF is only accurate to withinthe thickness of a human hair (on average 100 microns say). so were 100 times less accurate than their laser. still… 36T of storage on a quarts wafer would still be pretty cool :smiley:


I should of probably tagged this as click-bait :smiling_imp:.
I’m pretty sure the GlowForge won’t be able to do this… unless @dan or @tony haven’t told us about some super secret capability :grin:.


I figured, but I still have to put my two cents in sometimes :wink:


Done :triumph:




so the whole library of congress can fit into about 15 TB of space… so that leaves 345 TB of space for cat videos I’m guessing




What a long way from the golden records on the Voyagers. Let’s make a few copies of Wikipedia and fire them out into space now!


Well, that would convince the aliens that we are not intelligent…


They already knew that - they’ve had GF technology for ages… they beam us up to do their “human-engraved bedside lamps” I see a photoshop image from @spike perhaps alongside the most dramatic theme song ever… lol