New glowforge with larger cutting area?

I don’t have the time to be able to get onto the forums like I used too. I miss a lot of the people on here and I also miss the ability to keep up with everything that is glowforge. With family health issues and sudden career change my day to day time is pretty well taken up. That being said I was wondering if any news has been passed around about glowforge coming out with a machine that has a larger cut area. I would love to purchase a machine that doubles the width and has pass through that is 1/2”. Even if they do not up the wattage of the laser these changes would definitely have me buying another machine. I am less than a year out from my new career path being a little less hectic and I would love to put that time into using a new and larger glowforge.

To everyone I got to know over the years it’s been hard not getting to keep up with you all and I do still creep and post from time to time.


Nothing along those lines. The filter is delayed again but they’re working with another commercial filter manufacturer who is modifying theirs to work with the GF so if someone needs a GF filter they’ll have that option in Oct. The GF designed & manufactured filter is now scheduled for after the 1st of the year.

Still not shipping everywhere internationally (in fact doesn’t look like anyone has seen it in new countries since the EU countries got theirs).

New fiducially based alignment is being offered in beta that may or may not be released and may and may not be offered to all machines and/or for free or pay. But it makes repeatability spot on - sub-millimeter precision in aligning things.

The Plus seems to be selling as we’re seeing some of those folks show up on the forum but the focus is still Basic & Pro and what’s happening with shipping internationally and where’s my filter :slight_smile:

That’s about it.


Wait, what? Yay, I hope! Really really looking forward to that…

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There have been some of us beta testing it and have been generally amazed by the results. There’s a whole thread discussing it. Super-cool trick. Not just a jig alignment tool but good for things like print & cut projects.


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