New hardware Tuesday

So totally not Glowforge (although you will note I did hit the Glowforge while installing the hardware in the video). Cinco de mayo is always better with new hardware (and wonder if I can combine this with my PRU cinco de mayo post of lasering guacamole? Probably a terrible idea…


4th axis!!!

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It finally shipped! I saw it before release when I took the CNC course at Tormach, they had one in the classroom, but I’ve been waiting on mine.

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Just a tiny bit jealous…

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Is it Tuesday already?
(Cool toy.)


The music. Perfect! Congratulations.


Actually a whole lot jealous. Pretty cool tool!


Super Toy Time! love it! Thinking how to build for Snaps that would hold up to 2" width material so we could engrave on the side. Tossed in my hopper!


Actually got it working. Decided to recreate John saunders’ video on nyccnc.


Sweet! I have a small Taig I bought a decade ago, and I have a Sherline 4th axis for it. I’ve used 3 axes for tons of stuff, but have only used the 4th axis once, to make wing-rigging guide tubes for a scale model airplane. Had to drill holes through the tube at specific angles that matched the angles of the rigging lines when they passed through the tubes. I forget what they’re called. These things:

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