New here and question

I just got my Glowforge this morning. Only the unit has shown up so far so I have not been able to use it yet. I’m still waiting on the accessories and the proof grade stuff.

My shipping was delayed, and as a result I was given a $100 coupon for the store (which seems to be a pretty common thing from what I have been reading), but EVERYTHING is out of stock. Read a forum post a few minutes ago that most items have been out since before December. My question is, is this just a result of COVID and the hurricanes, or is it typical for things to be out of stock for long periods? Cant imagine what point there is to having a coupon to a store that never restocks.

I didn’t see these kinds of shortages pre-Covid. Eventually you should be able to put your coupon to good use!


You can also sign up for Email alerts when the materials that you’re looking for comes back in stock. That’s what I’ve done for a couple of different plywoods and the clear acrylic.

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Individual items would go out of stock - but never this quantity. Their stuff, especially the wood, is specialized so they can’t easily switch vendors so it’s hard to bounce back quickly from major disruptions like Covid is causing :frowning:

The good thing is some of the larger places have acrylic back in stock - and as long as it’s cast it’ll be just like the PG stuff. Wood you can get finished, though finished on both sides is rare - and you’ll have to mask it yourself, but there are lots of good suppliers out there who can help you out short term. Do a search on here for [name of material] supplier/supplies and you’ll find lots of references.


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