New Home Card

I needed a card for someone who just bought their first home. Took a photo of the house, fiddled with it in Photoshop, laser engraved and cut from Canson Watercolor board, and water colored the piece. #whatmadethis #glowforge


Whoof! (Bet they keep that one!) :grinning:


Teach me this! This is amazing!

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Amazing job!!! Priceless! Amazing first home, also!

Very nice. What settings did you use? I am getting my Glowforge Monday and excited to get started. Thank you.

Fantastic! I’ve been wanting to experiment with watercolor paper… Just another inspiring splinter in my brain! THANK YOU!

There’s an excellent tutorial on making a line drawing from a photo in the library:

You need to be a member of, but many libraries give their patrons access. That’s how we use it.

I would just add to the tutorial that the drawing should be converted to greyscale if you plan to hand-color it. And I also added some pretty extreme Curves adjustments to get the contrast to my liking.

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This is a frame-worthy card if I’ve ever seen one! The textures and colors are wonderful.

Wow! Your skills and color sense humble me…

Beautiful! Do you know if you can cut out sticker shapes if they’re printed on heavy paper?