New idea from Pinterest 😉

Some years ago my husband and I were heading to the theater for a date night, and talking about how it seemed like all the story ideas seemed to have been used up, because any more, every new movie to come out was really just a rehash of a story line we’d already seen before. Just another thing that happens to you more the older you get, I suppose.

As it happens, the movie we were on our way to see that night was The Truman Show, which blew our “we’ve seen it all before” premise right out of the water.

Anyway, this morning I ran across a new idea on Pinterest which, in over a half century of living, had honestly just never occurred to me. And it’s perfect for GlowForge. I hereby present…

Photo Shoes!!!


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. :laughing:


Maybe if about the size of a silver dollar.
Those look like they would catch on everything you walked by.

Two (+2) credits, to whoever, for thinking outside the box though…


The truman show? the jim carey movie? Wow! I remember that!

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Not going to make my to-do list I believe. but definitely outside the box.

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