New & Improved Engravings: 12/18/17 Latest Improvements


Thank you Rita!Those are welcome changes.

@takitus just posted about perceived lower resolution. Curious.


Awesome! Thanks Rita! :grinning:


Many thanks to you all…LOVE hearing about all the new stuff!


Thanks Rita


Thanks for the update!

One thing… It appears that all of the defaults are to lower quality. I think it makes more sense to default to the highest quality. I just almost ran a job in the lower quality because I didn’t check first. It’s Proofgrade, after all. Luckily I canceled the job and double-checked. Had to change every step one-by-one, which kind of goes against the Proofgrade concept.


Aha! Was wondering why all my engrave settings except 3D said “expiring soon.” :thinking: Looking forward to trying them out!


It looks to me that they gave people 2 lower LPI options (Draft and Standard Definition) and then HD, which is comparable in LPI to the prior Graphic settings.

I see the approach they took on HD, if it were the BBQ world, would be called low 'n slow.

Sounds like they just listened to everyone’s comments and gave more options, and faster ones at that, by default.



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Holy cow! I just tried the new SD Engrave settings on a full bed sized engrave and…

:star_struck::tada::confetti_ball::balloon::sparkling_heart: I didn’t have to split the file! :tada::confetti_ball::balloon::sparkling_heart::star_struck:

This is one heck of an early Christmas present you guys…thank you!


I certainly hope you plan on sharing the finished results of this print as it looks incredibly cool!

I agree with @Tom_A, as it does make it a little more tedious to when this is the case:

Still, I guess the assumption is that you’ll be wanting to test your design before printing it for sure. Another thing that would be kind of cool is if instead of the very basic “engrave” when on the main interface would be to have an SD or HD before it so you know what it’s on, or even a quick toggle to quickly switch between. Just an opinion, but I’m just wanting things to be copacetic :slight_smile:


Oh, that was a test case I ran for someone else, I’ll let them post it, it’s their baby. :wink:


I would love to see examples of before and after projects with these kinds of updates. Would be really helpful to see the difference. Perhaps a standard GF design to be used over and over to note the changes?

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Great suggestion! Sort of like when they updated the 3D engraving a while back and had pictures of the medallion thing they did. It would be even better if they had specific examples of each new setting as this would save on us using our own material - although I’m sure there will be someone on the forum willing to use their own stock to share their results.


So, are the Draft and SD defaults really full speed and full power with different LPI? That’s what it’s showing me for multiple materials. The HD default also seems so different from what things used to be, so it seems crazy to take away the old settings :frowning:

Easy to tell – select a PF setting, then pick manual, the GFUI will display the “official” PG settings.

Yeah, that’s what it’s showing me for every material I’ve tried. My “draft” and “SD” settings show full power. Seems like something is wrong when the default is full power but the HD graphic power is only 6 (that’s what it said for walnut or something). I just want to confirm that I’m working as expected.

Certainly possible they screwed up some setting. But keep in mind, it’s not just power you worry about… it’s the combination of power, speed, and LPI.

Yeah, and the print I ran on draftboard did seem to turn out really well, except for the engrave depth seems a little insane. I guess should play with full speed and fairly high power compared to what I’ve been working with.

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Oh man, it looks like full speed and high power is the way to go! I still think full power for default is a little insane; it seems like they would want the engrave depth to be similar to the HD default (SD is much deeper, at least on maple plywood).

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