New & Improved Engravings: 12/18/17 Latest Improvements

I use full power all the time for things. Depends what you want your result to be.

Well that’s the thing… Are you getting the clarity you want at that depth? The shading? It’s art, after all, so it’s 100% subjective to your liking. Can’t tell you how many posts there are on here that say “I always increase/decrease Proofgrade settings by x because…” Proofgrade settings are a great starting point. But they’re not going to suit everybody’s tastes.


Yeah, definitely, but I was talking about the consistency between default settings there, not how I want them to look. Are you saying you wouldn’t expect the different defaults to give you fairly similar results (with HD just being more, uh, HD)?

Kind of. I wouldn’t think about it that way. I wouldn’t be comparing them. I’d try the settings. If I like them, then I’d know what to expect next time I use them. For me, the actual name of the setting is arbitrary because I didn’t name it and they can change the name at will. It’s the actual settings that matter. Honestly, I rarely use Proofgrade settings as they are. I do often select them, then switch to Manual to see what they are, and then make a judgement call to either use them as is, or tweak them.

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Makes sense. Now that you say that, I think what I have done with old defaults (like maybe two prints) may be similar to the new default would give (but the new would be faster and whatnot). I think that what I tested these new ones on is just absolutely not fit for those settings is all.