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Sorry I have to ask. WHAT IS THIS MAGIC CANVAS that is showing on top now ? What do I do with if ? And How ? PLEASE instruct me ?

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From Glowforge online support docs:


Give it a try, it’s pretty cool! Just be patient with trying lots of various prompts and don’t give up if you get some weird results at first!


It is Glowforge’s new AI for images. What it knows and what it does not know is surprising in all directions. Ask it for a rabbit and you get a rabbit, it might have two legs or five but it knows what a rabbit is. Ask it for a seahorse and you get all kinds of weird dragons, It has no idea what a seahorse is. Lions and tigers it knows well but usually only the head. Ask it for an elephant and it knows what an elephant is but it might have three trunks or four tusks. Sometimes it might take 200 tries to get something near what you want, and very occasionally it might be on the first try.


It’s just another stupid way to remove creative skills from art (or just about anything, for that matter.)

The only reason anyone has started to hear about it is the mainstream media. Real AI (and actual useful applications) has been around for a long time.

True of almost everything. Every tool means less work and skill than is needed before the tool, there was a similar put down of photography, and folks cut stuff out with a laser that could not manage a coping saw. My hand control to draw what I have in mind is not what it was, but after 300 tries the AI might be close, even if I have to do considerable modification. The mind is still there or not. There is much work done, where the hand skills are better, but the creativity is not.

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