New Laptop


This is a callout to the community. I need suggestions on a new laptop that can handle Fusion 360 and Adobe Illustrator and has a touch screen that is pen enabled. Any current users with that type of setup?


You may want to clarify Windows or Mac and an approximate Price range?


Windows is my preference since the software I have is Windows based and price is more of what I want it to do so it is fluid, hopefully someone has a reasonable find under 2k but I would like to know what will work first before I start limiting the options. I do need a laptop and not a desktop. I need it to be portable as I have machines in different locations like 45 miles apart.


I’m typing on my surface book and I really love it. They’re pricey but have great pen support. The pen cost $100 extra too :-(. But really solid machine with a dedicated graphics card (if you choose that option).


If I had the money I’d grab an iPad Pro w/pencil and smart keyboard. Before software, comes in around what…1200$? To 1500$? Depending on storage size and cellular or not. Pen and keyboard are extra here.
No desk or laptop mac has touch screen, pen or otherwise.


I second the surface book. Plus I really like the veneer cover I made for mine.