New Laser lens still not cutting material at saved settings

Hey Guys!

Ive had my glowrforge working on a bunch of projects with very few hiccups. i ran into an issue previously that wouldnt cut my material (consistantly) I replaced the Laser Lens and gave the printer head a cleaning and it worked.

Now ive run into the same problems where it works then doesnt continue its next/second cut. I replaced the Laser Lens (magnetic) and its still not working. Does the Black side laser and the silver laser head play a role? I also keep having the printer head Wheels popping off everytime i go to clean or assess the printer head for dust.

My Printer Head is also sometimes running hot to the touch when “finished printing”

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There are lots of optics to clean besides the lens. Are you cleaning the windows and mirror? What are you cutting? Are you cutting mostly proofgrade materials. Are your fans (3) clean? The fact that the printhead feels hot is not normal, in my experience, nor is having the printhead pop off. Most people have lots of trouble removing the printhead carriage plate as there is quite a bit of resistance to removal. Have you inspected the wheels for cracks and checked your belt tension?

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Thanks for your reply, i have cleaned the lens’ and mirror which seems to help somewhat. as stated before this happened and i replaced the laser lens which worked and i tried that method again this time and its not working.

3/8’’ acrylic that i already saved the settings to correctly cut through. It worked wonderful for a while and now its not cutting through. i clean the printer head and lens’ and it sometimes works. Im using the pro and im continuously feeding the material. its cutting through then not on the second part (continuation)

I also need to replace the printer wheels cause they fall apart/off when i check my printer head.

Its a bit frustrating.

Hi @shop5. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been running into some trouble with your Glowforge not cutting through material, along with the wheels that move the printer head popping off. I just responded to your opened email ticket for the same issues encountered. To consolidate communications and troubleshooting, I’ll go ahead and close this Community thread, and continue working with you through email to get you back to printing without trouble. I’ll look forward to your response to my email. Thank you!