New Leather Materials



In the last few days Materia has had a couple of interesting articles on leather.
Transparent / Translucent Cow Leather

Animal Free Leather

Materia is a wonderful site introduced to us by @morganstanfield way back in May 2016


OOL, but these are both very exciting!

The transparent leather is especially beautiful and unique. It almost looks as though they found a way to make rawhide soft and pliable.


I luv me some meat-free leather!


Transparent leather… wow :open_mouth:


Thank you for that link! I’m very interested in the Animal Free Leather (and burgers). Science rocks.


the only question now is: which pop-icon will be the first to wear a transparent leather outfit ?!:fearful:


Please dear God … Don’t let it be someone who THINKS they are attractive and want people to see their belly rolls and tats that need a fit body to look good… :nauseated_face::dizzy_face::see_no_evil:

BTW: There are new emojis :thumbsup:


I’m guessing Miley Cyrus.


omg, transparent leather?! That’s beyond awesome


I’d like to see the cow it comes from, but of course I couldn’t. :innocent:


Look for the grass hovering a couple of feet above the ground.


My only experience with thin, transparent leather is a lamp I have that has very thinly skived deer skin (sans hair/hide). I don’t know how the product listed will wear (sounds very interesting though!) but the key to longetivity for this that I have is keeping it away from sunlight/windows and using low-temp bulbs (LED or CFL).