New Lid Cable - Same Problems

Two weeks ago, my Glowforge got stuck on centering or scanning depending on the power cycle. I tried all the preliminary tricks, such as cleaning the lenses, restarting computer / router, reconnecting the machine to my wifi etc. Finally, a rep from Glowforge got with me and sent me a new lid cable, thinking that would do the trick. I received and connected the new lid cable today, and I am having the same issues. Both rows of LEDs are lighting up as they are supposed to, and the head and carriage will move to position under the lid camera when I power up, but that’s as far as it goes. It is stuck on “centering.”

I am supremely frustrated with this machine. It’s only 2 months old and I use it daily for my business. I make my full time income through my business and this machine being down for 2 more weeks (or longer) is not really a viable option. Does anyone have any other suggestions about what could be going on here? Could it be the cable that attaches directly to the lid cable that is bad instead?

I would appreciate any help… Needless to say, I am really regretting this Glow Forge purchase at the moment.

Lay a piece of plywood or cardboard on the top of the lid before starting it up and see if it goes through all the moves and goes to the starting place. A bright light can confuse it and that will tell you if there is any sort of problem in that realm. If it can set up normally under the cardboard then you can decide which source of light is at issue.
Check the head ribbon also as that cable can have similar issues.

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Be sure the camera lens is clean. It relies on the camera to center.

If the head and carriage are moving, it’s likely not a lid cable issue - unless yours was just on the way out and not completely out.

Typically, the relationship between stuck on centering and the lid cable is that it causes the camera to not function (whether that’s taking a picture, or receiving the data from the camera). If it can’t take a picture, the head will not move at all.


As with all business things, start working on your backup plan. You already have found the business effect of having a machine down. Start saving for a second unit, or working out your alternatives. Be prepared to address this with customers.

While this doesn’t address your current issues, it is required for any business that depends on a mechanical device. Things wear out and things fail. Be prepared now. Also remember that GF is not responsible for your business and you will have to wait for them. That may mean diversifying your machines.


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.