New lid cable, same problems

glowforge stuck on centering and a message pops up that the camera could not take a picture and only had the thing for a month, tried all the tips and tricks, cleaned everything and they sent a new lid cable and nothing has changed

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It sucks you’re having issues, but you’re already in communication with them - posting here just opens a duplicate ticket that they will close as soon as they see it.

The community is happy to help, but we’re guessing while they’re actually looking at your logs and the like. If you want help here you’re going to need to be a lot more specific than “tried all” and “cleaned everything”. If you want to update your post with all the details, you can move it to Everything Else at the same time and that way it won’t get auto-closed.

Otherwise they’ll close it tomorrow when they get back into work.

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Hi @Carpenter_Creations. I’m sorry to hear that you’re receiving some trouble with your Glowforge getting stuck centering after replacing the black lid cable. I see that you just sent a response to your opened email support ticket with the connection photos. I’ll go ahead and close this thread so we can consolidate communications and avoid any potential confusion. I’ll follow up with my response through email soon. Thanks!