New Machine and Issues - Previous email with No reply

I received my replacement unit. I ran prints on it yesterday and had some issues. The cut did not cut all the way.

Run #1

I cleaned all the lens and tried again.

Run #2

At this point I decided to print the gift of good measure on a piece of scrap draft board. Now that the Gift of Good Measure cut right. I used the same proofgrade settings to cut my design and it DIDN’T work.

Run #3

At this point I got an email saying they were forwarding me to technical support.

Run #4

I’m getting extremely frustrated. The machine will cut the left side but not the right.

I thought ‘hey my machine is in the garage. Maybe it’s getting it too hot.’ So I moved the machine inside my air conditioned office. Then I ran a test cut. Same design. Same Material. Cut at same time.

I tried engraving. The engraving on the right side is lighter than the left.


I have a vendor show on October 9 and need the machine for that event.

I should mention the last time I had any communication from anyone was on the 16th it’s now the 21st.

Did you use Proofgrade materials for run #1 and #2? (only because the photos look like something else and you said the Gift of Good Measure worked on run #3.) The PG settings are only reliable for official PG materials from GF. Any other materials usually need some testing and tweaking of settings to get reliable cuts.


I did not. Which is why I switched to Proofgrade Draftboard to cut the Gift of Good measure. It printed fine (it was on the left side of my machine). Using the same material, settings and everything, I tried to cut my design (it was on the right side of the machine.) It did not cut.

Just tried to cut another design on Proofgrade material placed in the middle of the crumb tray. An 1.5 hours waste of time and materials.

  • Does the GOGM cut on the right side? If not, support will ask for pics of the front and back of that failure to help diagnose.
  • Have you checked that your crumbtray is totally seated in all 4 feet dimples?
  • Where is your crumbtray? (reflection in the photos looks like the inside of your GF where the tray should be is just black)

Time yes but materials perhaps not. PG materials are guaranteed when using PG settings - if you send support an email noting the time and date and pictures of the failure they should credit you that board. (creating a post here in P&S also opens a ticket, but they only deal with your personal information privately via email)


Your machine was damaged during shipping. There are two mirrors that we owners cannot access in a sealed portion of the GF. Rough handling by the shipper knocked one or both of those lenses out of alignment. The unit will have to be returned to GF for replacement.

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It would be nice to hear from an official so it could be resolved. I haven’t had an email from anyone since 9/16

Support will get here - but as you have an open email ticket they will respond there. Hopefully you’ve been responding in the open thread and not sending new emails.

Yes, it’s frustrating when they don’t respond - but they don’t hand-hold, they’ll write back when they have new information. Bumping up from regular CS to engineering takes some time as they need to diagnose before they’ll answer.

Definitely respond to your original email thread with photos of the Gift of Good Measure not cutting through on PG material, along with the time you sent the print job.

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Hi Crystal,

Since we’re already resolving this issue in email I’m going to go ahead and close this forum post! I should be responding to your previous message shortly.