New machine down

I am really bummed that not only after having my machine for less than two weeks and it’s not working anymore (not firing or no bubbles in tube) but to go without a word back after that kind of purchase is gut wrenching. Especially considering I had a full blown email conversation with a lady from sales and when she asked why I hadn’t taken the plunge I informed her I was in so many groups that people had non working machines upon arrival. So I HOPED that would make them triple check before shipping once I made the decision. I’ve bought washers dryers microwaves heat pressed printers etc and not once have I ever had to return within 2 weeks. I’m growing impatient. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::weary::weary::weary:

The following is the opinion of me, a random customer, and does not constitute official assistance from anyone, or indeed assistance of any kind.

Here’s how to get help:

  1. E-mail support. You should have received an automated reply almost immediately. If you didn’t get that, check your spam folder/filters, because the silence you’re experiencing might just be e-mail being misrouted.


  1. Post here (e-mailing and posting doesn’t actually help, it just slows things down with a second ticket that has to be closed).


  1. When you go to, there may be a Chat button in the lower right corner if someone is available to help you.

Whichever of those options you choose, for best results, your interaction should look something like this:

When I load the Gift of Good Measure design and click Print, the button on my Glowforge flashes. When I press it the machine moves and sounds like it’s working, but the tube doesn’t light up and nothing cuts or engraves – no marks whatsoever. Here are screenshots of what I see in the Glowforge app, including the default settings for the Proofgrade Draftboard I’m printing on. My machine is only two weeks old and was working fine through my last print on September 8th. I haven’t changed anything since it was working, except that I followed the cleaning instructions at after the problem started. I also went through the troubleshooting at Cut Didn't Go Through Material – Glowforge.

and not like this:

What is wrong with you people? I paid $7000 for this boat anchor and it turned into a doorstop! I have orders to fill and I am beyond irritated!


FYI, the only time you should see bubbles in the tube is the first time you turned on the machine. After that first run, any air would’ve been purged from the tube and replaced by the coolant, and you’ll never see bubbles again.

Have you tried printing a Glowforge design like the Gift of Good Measure on some of your Proofgrade Draftboard at the default settings? That can rule out a lot of issues with your design, settings or material so you know for sure it’s a machine issue.


Thank you and I appreciate that you felt like you needed to tell me how to talk.

Thank you!

You don’t have to want best results, but you’ll find many many examples of the latter here, and the interactions take way longer before they get a working machine again!

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You’re welcome! I’m always happy on those rare occasions I can add something of value.


Hi @taliethamcdaniel. I’m sorry that you’ve run into trouble with your new Glowforge not firing the laser during prints. I just sent you an email response to help you get this resolved. To avoid any potential confusion, or miscommunication, I will close this Community thread so we can consolidate troubleshooting to one thread. I’ll look forward to your response to my email. Thank you!