New machine goes to cooling down when you click print on PC

I received a replacement plus yesterday. They stated I was receiving a new machine. Straight out of the box I tried to cut the gift of good measure it went to cooling down. It is stored in my basement it was about 66 degrees. I email yesterday with no response. Anyone have any insight?


Any feedback? It has been a day and still no reply to my email

Turn your GF off then check the connection to the printhead. Restart and see if you still get the message.

Hi Steve,

I did try that. It was the same result.

Shucks I was really hoping that would do it.

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If you didn’t receive the auto-response then either your email to them, or their response to you is getting stuck in a spam filter. If you did, they will always respond via email and close this thread. They’ll likely find this one today (they generally respond within 1 business day) and either continue here if email isn’t working, or continue via email if it is.

This was an established email chain. They just didn’t respond for more than a day.

I’m sorry that you’ve run into trouble with your new Glowforge. We’ve sent you an email with next steps, so I’m going to close this thread and we’ll continue to assist you there.

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