New Machine not working

I set my machine up and did everything they told me to do. I started a project and clicked on print. The GF moved and made noises and then the button lit up blue. I pressed the button and nothing happened. You input is appreciated.

The company no longer provides Support through this Forum. The Forum members would need more info. The easiest thing is for you to try to print the Gift of Good Measure. If that works then it is your file and we would need to look at that.

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Does your interface show that the Glowforge is online? Can you share a screenshot of what your interface looks like right before you click print?

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I tried to print the puzzle

If pressing the button is not doing anything, the button itself may be faulty. It’s happened before, unfortunately. You can test that by restarting your Glowforge, then after it’s finished all its startup stuff, holding the big button down for about 15 seconds. If it turns teal (wifi setup mode like when you first unboxed it), the button works. If nothing happens, the button isn’t working.

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That’s what I was thinking. I just tried that and it didn’t work. Thanks, hopefully they will contact me soon.

You have set everything up correctly. As stated, the button could be the issue. You might want to remove the honeycomb tray and look underneath the button to see if the wires seem connected.

I have the same problem, I already have 12 days with the machine I followed the instructions for the first cut and pressed the button and the laser did not turn on, and they have not helped me I sent them an email they tell me to wait because they are busy I hope better give me my money back

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While their support may be slow right now, it’s not bad. They 100% stand behind their warranty, or their return policy if you prefer. Since tickets can take so long to be addressed, be sure to clearly communicate what your preferred resolution would be up front, to avoid extra emails back and forth (with up to several days between each one). If you want your money back, read the return policy in the purchase terms carefully.


thank you,

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