New machine only prints on right side

Got my machine on Wednesday, it only works on the left side. Items will not cut on the right side all the way through the proofgrade medium hardboard. I have done all cleaning steps listed on the support pages, cleaning all lens, crumb tray, under crumb tray the bed of the machine, and on and on, even tried the camera recalibration, the picture shows it is clear how the left side prints and the left doesn’t. I have contacted support though email and said I would get support in 244 hours but I have not yet. I have attached the gift of measure, FYI the cut holes on this board i chiselled out with an exacto.

That’s unfortunate. If the material lays completely flat on the bed (which I am betting it is, because the engraves and scores look perfect), then it’s likely something shifted during shipping and the machine will have to be replaced.

It looks like a focus issue - the cuts should be as clean as those engraved and scored lines on the GoGM.

Support will be along to confirm…

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That bites. You’ll get a response via email right after a staff member comes here and closes this ticket as a duplicate.

In the meantime you could do cool things on the left side of your bed!

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.