New machine, replacement black cable, still stuck on centering and scanning

I had a thread opened but it got closed after GF started emailing me about the issue. Our brand new Glowforge successfully made 5 burns/prints on day one. On day two it would not complete it’s boot up sequence. It was getting hung up on scanning and centering. Like almost all others with this problem, I was told the black cable had to be replaced. I did the replacement as per the instructions and there has been no change in behavior of the Glowforge. It is still remaining stuck on centering and scanning. The problem is not:
-the black cable
-lights shining on the unit
-the WiFi
-dirty lenses
-crumb tray in/out
-proofgrade in/out
-loose or incorrectly connected cables (at least he common ones mentioned, and other visible ones)

A brand new unit should not fail on it’s second day of operation. I am in contact with GF support through email, but I’m searching here for additional help. This back and forth through email every other day seemingly at GF’s convenience is incredible frustrating. I would much rather get on the phone with GF technical support and keep them on the line for 30 minutes so I can do all the diagnostics at once.


First, let me apologize for the frustration. Unfortunately we don’t offer phone support right now, so online is the best and only way for us to help.

It looks like your unit is experiencing an issue that we can’t resolve remotely. I want you to have a reliable unit, so I’m recommending we replace this one. I have already followed up via email to sort out the details, so I am going to close this thread.