New maker toy arrived

Luckily not quite as a long a wait as for Glowforge, but Slash was still a long wait…

Very frustrating first day experience… Significant software bugs and the WiFi bonding experience it 10x worse than GF…

First print was a “fail” in that it appears to have a segment of the LCD panel non-functional. Although this is an interesting print and the detail on the print itself is fantastic

Sorry it’s a smidge blurry (trying not to get the goo on my phone)


I remember thinking it sounded expensive to operate this type of printer. What I did not think about was how messy it might be.

What do you have to use to wash off the un-bonded gel?

90% Isopropyl Alcohol is the solvent. I have a little cleaning station with a squirt bottle along with 2 baths (first and second passes as the first gets contaminated quick). It is extremely messy (and slightly toxic). What I didn’t know is it smells worse (and somewhat similar) co cutting acrylic on the GF…


I am almost done with my rinse/cure station for my SLA printer.

The rinse station has a magnetic stirrer to agitate. The whole thing is controlled with a tiny Arduino so that each cycle will be timed.


I have been wanting an SLA printer to experiment with casting jewelry.
Do they give you any disposal advice for contaminated solvents?

I don’t want to end up with a(nother) toxic waste dump in my shop…


I’ve been just having my son drink it (he’s the second child so we had low expectations anyway…) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Filament printers are definitely cool, but resin printers look like magic. I’m dying for a 3d printer, but I am holding out until resin hits the right combination of affordability and maturity.

Ah, who am I kidding, I will probably buy a filament printer in 2018 anyway…


I love the level of detail! but man a SLS printer sounds like such a hassle. Not even counting the 3D modeling part of the equation. I’d love to be able to print accessories and parts for action figures but it’s not worth it… yet (to me!)


You mean SLA. SLS also has its own hassles (dealing with the powder) but no supports!

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OK, the print quality is outrageous. Look through the door/window at the double helix and note how crisp the stairs are…


Here is the 395nm cure for 20 mins (I got a 30W/30VDC 395nm LED module off eBay with an integral cooling module (damn does this get hot). I normally do it in a paint can that I bought, but the picture is cooler in a highball glass…


A friend has a b9 creator and loves it. Solus 3d looks good as well. Need to check out this new one.

I ordered a Prusa MK3 a few weeks ago. Won’t get it until next year, though. I figured by the time the costs come down on Resin printers, I will have gotten several years worth out of use on the MK3.

I love mine…


I just finished my MK3 kit. It is a huge improvement over the MK2.

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My MK3 is coming in 6 weeks.

I’m kicking myself for sitting on it - like I didn’t learn something from the Glowforge experience. In preordering fantastic maker machines, first in line gets it months before someone who orders toward the end of the preorder window.

It will be our first 3D printer.

Yesterday my husband printed my very first design at work. It was at a horrible resolution - but it worked exactly as I wanted.

This is all Glowforge’s fault. Now I believe I can make and manufacture any old widget, and I can imagine comfortably using any “wouldn’t that be nifty to understand” tool or technology.


I was literally in the Prusa booth at Makerfaire NYC ordering it on my cell phone as my BigBox had just died the week before. It’s a great first printer (and third one as well) as it takes care of so many gotchas automatically that frustrate people just learning. Like the GF the key is to learn design software (e.g. CAD)

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Thats why I haven’t sprung on my SLA printer yet…not time to dig into the software. GF lets me do a lot with minimal inksacpe use/easier to get started with limited spare time.

You have some of the best toys!!

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The software (albeit crappy beta level) is not the hard part of an SLA printer. It’s the goo which gets on everything (which is of course fairly toxic and seriously expensive). When someone asked me how fast my Slash is I respond “I can polymerize over $100/hour!”