New maker toy arrived

Yeah. I put these down to learning. I do have a surgical device project that was waiting on the delivery to get working (although still waiting on my clear resin to arrive since opaque green is not what I need)


If your resin is anything like the FormLabs resin, it’s actually an advantage to have a heated curing chamber. Sweet spot seems to be around 90F.

Seriously no one touching this topic :flushed:


I have a Form2 and a MoonRay resin printers. I highly recommend Yellow Magic 7 for rinsing parts.

This gallon jug will last you forever. Yellow Magic 7 is eco-friendly if you have to dispose of it, but most people keep reusing. To remove the resin from YM7, put in direct sunlight for a several days. The the resin will harden and fall to the bottom of the container, then they properly dispose of the resin nuggets and re-use the Yellow Magic.

I purchased the last gallon in April and print almost daily on both resin printers. I still have over 3/4 of a gallon left.


Do you use YM exclusively? I’ve found that it does a decent job of cleaning up the part but I can’t ever get rid of the sticky residue until at least one IPA bath or aggressive cleaning.

I give it a good bath in YM7, then place in a UV curing station and don’t have any stickiness.

Whats your UV source and typical cure time?

I have one of those cheap salon tool UV sterilizers purchased from Amazon purchased a couple of years ago. I remember changing the light tubes to be the right wavelength of UV light.

For cure time, I wish I had a simple answer. As a baseline, I usually leave the part in for about 4 hours if printed at 0.05mm or higher layer height, more if around 0.02mm, but time spent curing really depends on the resin/manufacturer.

If there are a lot of tiny details, I leave in longer. If I’m using a brand resin that isn’t MoonRay or Formlabs brands in their respective printers, I have to cure a little longer. If it’s MoonRay’s high detail resins (grey) it takes a little more time to cure.

Fun To Do resin seems to need the most time. Makerjuice resins cure times depend on the color. Translucent resins a little less.

I also feel that the Form2 prints take a little less curing time than the DLP prints from the MoonRay.