New maker toy coming

It looks like We-R-Memory-Keepers is launching a new toy for papercrafters: a vacuum former called the Mold Press:

Rumor has it the MSRP will be $129. Available in May 2020.


Oh that’s very exciting considering FormBox and VaquForm are both over $700!

(Oh, the vacuum is separate :thinking:)

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I might need one!

@ekla if it just uses a standard vacuum, that isn’t so bad.

I wonder how much the plastic costs… Also, Creativation is on my wish list for next year.


I love how more and more maker-inspired products are hitting the craft space ( making them more accessible). They are also releasing a dye sub tool and a button maker.


You threw me saying “paper crafters”, I’m going to need a bigger lair!

This would be perfect for making light parts for models.


Looks interesting although I can’t really see a need for it myself.

FYI, it’s apparently not that hard to make your own (I’m pretty sure @karaelena made one, the posting should be here somewhere). Just search YouTube for DIY vacuum former.

I do like the idea of an inexpensive off the shelf unit though.

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I’ve been to Creativation (before that it was HIA and then CHA) several times, a couple of times under my own membership. All you need to do is find someone who is a member and ask them to add you to their account, say as a designer or buyer.

It’s really fun and interesting to see the new products. (I’m no longer a member.)


Aw man. I’ve always wanted a vacuum former but I have no need for one! but but, surely I could come up with a use if I had one right? That’s how that works right??

Need to move out of the Bay Area so I can have a huge work area without needing to also be a billionaire :-/


Great, now I’m going to have to convert my bedroom into Craft Annex 2. . . . :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve been racking my brain for a use for this. I got nuthin.

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The most common is making chocolate molds. Where I’ve used larger formats before was for making masks (which you could still do on this, but probably not a full-face)

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Cool, but I’d have more fun and use for one that could do a double sided mold. I imagine that’d be a lot more expensive though.

That’s the only thing I could think of! I don’t do anything with melting chocolate any more, other than dipping pretzels in it every Christmas time. I guess I’ll pass on this one. Thanks!!


At that price, it’s in the range of being cheaper to buy than to make. Possible future studio addition.


Model aircraft canopies, doesn’t everybody need model aircraft canopies? :rofl:


I should be able to get my own membership, but it’s hard to tell what each of the memberships cost. And then it’s hard to figure out which is the best fit as I’d qualify for a couple of them. But I have time to worry about that. :slight_smile: And, if I’m being honest with myself, more important fish to fry at the moment…


It certainly is a great time to be a maker. I think the vacuum former is intriguing, but I have to say, so is the button maker they are offering. Who wouldn’t want to make buttons and molds. Or molds of buttons. It is time for GlowCon where everyone can bring all their toys and have lasers so we can see it all working together.


I use my Makyu vacuformer all the time. It’s super useful. Often make the bucks on the GF.


I need a bigger house.