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When the GF powers on, it goes through a calibration script. The Camera gets focused, the GF icon gets centered, the ranges on the X and Y get found, sensors are checked and we’re off to the races. Is it harder on the system to recalibrate when the machine is turned on and off again or can a option be placed in menu to go through this script? I’ve found that the calibration jumped out when scoring some work and had to turn the machine on and off again to get accuracy back.

That is weird. Seems like a hardware problem. Have you checked out the pulleys and belts and wheels? Lid camera clean? Crumb tray secure and not jostled? Material held down firm?

Scores can be pretty fast and cause some shift in materials. That’s my guess. Unless it is a software and calibration issue.

Some folks leave their Glowforge on for quite some time and not bother shutting off. I’d try to work through these calibration issues after a job to see if that’s the source of the problem.

I haven’t had a problem with doing multiple jobs of different types with different materials.

Hope you can get this taken care of.

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I suspect that when I was scoring a detailed workpiece, might have jumped a tooth or seven on the belt. The detail is a flower design used as a foreground to the cutout lettering. All is tight, all is clean.

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