New orders don’t have to wait as long

It says on web page back in stock order now and receive in 7 days! I guess those of us that have been waiting are at the end of the new orders! It says I will receive mine 2-26-20 but here it is the 24th and it has not shipped yet so I guess it will be moved on out this year!?

I don’t quite understand their shipping. It’s pretty frustrating. I’m currently waiting on a replacement to be sent to me, and I have no clue when it’s supposed to be here. I just got the Basic, and I don’t know why they never have any of them in stock, but they do for the Plus and Pro?

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They don’t have a warehouse full of machines waiting to be shipped. The company that assembles them for GF pretty much builds them based on orders and estimates, and they’ve rarely had more available than were previously accounted for.

Support does not ship them, the assembly firm does. Same applies to parts. They don’t provide updates back to GF, that’s why ship date on your account is an estimate, and your best bet to know when it’s on the way is to sign up for fedex and ups delivery notifications services.

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Thanks for your patience. I checked on your order and confirmed that your Glowforge is shipping on schedule with arrival by end of day Wednesday, the 26th. I’ve just sent you a shipment notification with your tracking number so I’m going to close this thread.

We can’t wait for you to get your Glowforge!