New Owner looking for ideas or suggestions

New to the community. Well it finally arrived after 72 days. My New Glowforge Pro.
I got it connected today for the first time. and just looked around and reviewed settings, designs and of course the manual. I finally got around to trying to us

e it. This was my first print. turned out okay but was not lined up correctly so little off. Hey practice makes perfect right.
If anyone has any links for classes on 3 dimensional printing, abobe 3 dimensional graphics, I would love to sign up for some classes and just practice more.
thank you,


Welcome! You will love it here. Come every day and read everything you can. There is so much talent and wisdom in this community.


Welcome! I’m also in Oregon…Silverton. Where are you?

thank you, im looking at everything, so much to learn about this newmachine. i love it.

thank you again,

Great first print


Hello and welcome!!

@celesteprobichaux has given great advice. Come here and explore the community. There are 7 categories. You can research the entire GF community or the individual categories.

The forums can be intimidating and often confusing for new owners. Since there are seven categories and seven days a week —-I would break it down and choose a different category every day. Ask questions and make comments.

When you are not lasering — make a bowl of popcorn, get comfy in a favorite chair and start reading. Watch YouTube videos and join a GF Facebook group.

Here a few links to get you started.

  1. 40+ Places to Download Free Files for Glowforge

  2. Laser cutting designs | CRAFTSMANSPACE


  4. PDF to SVG - Convert your PDF to SVG for Free Online

  5. The Glowforge Laser Resource Guide - Danielle Wethington

  6. Laser Cut Vector Art, Icons, and Graphics for Free Download

  7. Glowforge Customers Training Center - Tips and Tricks, Handy Links - Google Sheets

  8. 100% free online background remover | Trace







The Glowforge community has many talented, creative and very intelligent members and we are here to help each other.

You can private message anyone of us. Just click on our avatar.



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new here still trying to figure this pro out. i cannot get inkscape down, tutorials, tutorials and paid on line training. i am about to give up. i have not even got a chance to use the slot for all the way thru. heck i have to figure out how to get a design to cut. let alone pull thru. i have to find a different software, as inkscape is not working for me too darn confusing. i may have to hire a glowforge owner or give this machine back. any owners near salem oregon?

You could try Affinity Designer ($25 in sale I think). @Xabbess was one of the original GFers who started using it. She could give you tips, suggestions and maybe help with the learning curve. She was pretty new at it all too and now she’s an expert in a lot of techniques.


I responded on 02/21 when you first posted, but you may have missed seeing it. I’m close to you…over in Silverton. I don’t have a pro, but a basic. @jamesdhatch was overly kind in saying I’m an expert at all, but I use Affinity and am willing to try to help you out if I can.

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Well Ty yes I missed it. In working tomorrow but if you care to give me a call here’s my #5035511165.

I have a friend in Salem who has has a glowforge for 5 yrs and I worked w him on Sunday for 2 hrs and came home n used the same settings he did on 3 different materials including glowforge and still no cuts on a simple design

I also printed 2 of these making dog dishes

So I have tried 3 different settings. I have to get this cutting down already

Thank you again

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Might be a good idea to remove your phone number from your post. No one has had a Glowforge for 5 years yet, although some of us have had them for a long time. The image in in both photos in your post look more like something that can only be engraved and not cut. There are two different types of processes…some can only be engraved…they’re called bitmaps. The only way to achieve a cut is to create ‘vector’ lines. Looks like everything in these two photos are bitmaps only. Are you working with a design app like Inkscape or Illustrator? Do you subscribe to the premium feature with Glowforge? If you use either, you can either create your own vectors to cut these out…or with premium, you can use their ‘shapes’ to put around these images to enable you to cut them out. When you got your Glowforge, did you go through all the steps for your first prints… learning how to use it? If not, now would be a good time to go back and do that.


Well I can’t do anything today not until after 5 n if than we have no power.

Somebody was in an accident on Highway 22 at 1:30 this morning and knocked out a transformer there’s no power to stayton and mill city mehama lions or gates
May be 5 before we have power