New Plus Not Engraving/Scoring/Cutting

Just unboxed and set up our new Plus and trying to cut the Gift of Good Measure. There’s no laser light for any of the settings (engrave, score, cut). The laser tube lights up like it should. I’ve also double checked the lens, and wiped everything just to be sure.

Are you using Proofgrade material and proofgrade settings? Double check the power setting…sometimes it defaults to ‘1’ which won’t do anything. Your video is not working here. You shouldn’t have to clean anything this soon on a brand new machine.


Yes I was using proof grade mdf and it scanned the QR code. I already own one so I reset the design just in case and checked the settings and still nothing. I even tried the metric version, which I’ve never cut before and that didn’t even work.

As far as cleaning I just wiped the lenses. We own a basic and have had not problems with that. I even cut a piece of acrylic on the basic before my second attempt either getting my plus to work.

Ugh, doesn’t sound promising. Sounds like you’re doing everything right. I hope support can offer an easy fix!


Yeah me too! Thankfully I already am familiar with the machine so I’m not completely freaking out, BUT it’s still a brand new machine that is not working. They’ve sent me the automated generic message just waiting for some one to actually reach out. Really hoping it will be a simple thing I’ve been over looking (I know probably not likely) and we don’t have to ship it back… :woman_facepalming:

@b.m.tubbs Thank you so much for reaching out to us over the phone. It was a pleasure speaking to you. I am so sorry your Glowforge printer laser is not appearing.

Per our conversation, I am going to go ahead and close this forum post and follow up with you via your email.