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Has anyone ever had to replace the printer head on their machine? I just got my new printer head and went to run setup (which I wasn’t told by support I had to do). In reading the instructions, it states I must use proofgrade material for the setup - again, something I wasn’t told about when conversing with support that I would need to have on hand. My machine has been down for over two weeks and I have orders piling up and now if I am forced to buy proofgrade draft board, it’s another week to get it shipped. I’m really livid right now as I feel like I’m being railroaded by GF. Has anyone set up a new printer head with non-proofgrade material?

What they need is something flat and the size of proofgrade products. I used a 12x20 piece of watercolor paper taped to a scrap of proofgrade full of holes where all had been already cut from it. It worked great.
It will lay down a series of marks and measure where each appears in the fisheye lens and use that as the standard for all future locating of the image you see on the screen compared to where it will actually cut. If you get that done well placing your work after a set focus will not be even a millimeter off of where you intended the cut.


Thank you so much for responding! I will use a 12x20 piece of wood - I certainly have a large collection of that in my garage :rofl:


~1/8 " is best and light. It can be confused by dark colors or color changes like grain or knots.


Perfect! I have 1/8" light colored veneer. Thanks again!


Well, I am beginning to think there is something else wrong with my machine. It says the print test should only take about 1 minute and it hasn’t done anything for about 15 minutes. Ugh! Guess I’ll shut everything down, reboot and try again.

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Sounds like the camera calibration routine. My calibration took somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 minutes.


The first thing it does is layout the marks. Then I would leave it alone for a couple hours at least as it appears to not do anything but is actually doing all the work and any touching or pausing, much less shutting down will destroy all the work that it does and has to start again from scratch.

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Thanks again for this info. In digging through my stash, I found proofgrade acrylic, 12x20, 1/8" thick so since that seems to be the main priority, I’m going to run the setup with that. I got two more orders yesterday so I need to get this up and running!

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Proofgrade materials are carried in something like half of Michaels stores. Use their website to see which stores near you have it in stock next time you need a sheet in a pinch.


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