New pro glowforge not producing laser, cut or engrave

I received the pro glowforge about 2-3 months ago, I have been using it without a problem lately.

I have tried emailing about an overheating issue that cancels large prints about 2 hours in, and will never cool down and the entire material is wasted, it will not resume printing after it has cooled.

now, the laser cutter will not even produce a laser, cut or engrave. I have cleaned the lens with the tools. no avail.

it runs and calibrates like normal, does it passes like it usually does, but no laser is being produced on any setting.

I also checked the back safety interlock above the power switch, that is just fine as well.

the glass chamber is looking like it is working all the same like it usually did while it’s running.

I just got this, am I going to have to have it replaced already?

I would love any assistance.

If you run a high power operation (say a full power cut) can you see the tube glowing at all? Is that what you meant by it looks like it is working the same?

Did you clean the mirror? If you did, are you sure you put the mirror back in correctly?


I am sure. It stopped producing a laser before I attempted to clean the mirror

Just wanted to make sure you didn’t have errant laser beams inside the head assembly.

If the tube is energizing the beam has to go somewhere. There has been more than one post about folks replacing the blue mirror backwards. Pretty much fries the inside of the head when that happens.

I’d say that it’s more than likely producing a beam if you can see the tube glowing but I’m no expert. Which would indicate the beam is getting lost somewhere before it hits the material.

And you said occurring before you cleaned… what all did you clean? Exactly?

You have the following items as described here:

The lens in the head, the side window of the head, and the laser window on the left side of the machine

And then a mirror that’s in the head, accessible by removing the magnetic top:

All those things cleaned and very sure done properly. I didn’t remove the lens When cleaning and checking for any dust. Just detached the Head to check and reattach the magnet.

Wiped down and set back properly.

I am worried now about the beam getting lost somewhere and hurtling the machine every time I attempt to run it.

So you never removed the lens from the head to clean it?

Maybe also remove the top of the head, and snap a pic of the current orientation of the mirror and post it here.

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I did not. Worded that wrong. My bad. Still new to the terminology.

I’ll have a picture up tomorrow.

I removed the Head that’s on with magnetic snaps. And cleaned the lens hoping it was some dust.

Snapped back on. No laser…beam is in the tube. And runs on its path like it was cutting.

Did you happen to check the power level? There is a situation that happens sometimes when switching from Proofgrade settings to Manual and back again where the power level will default to 1% for safety. If that happened, it would move around and look like it was doing something, but basically nothing would happen - that’s not even enough power to get through the masking.

To check the power level, click on the icon for the operation and then click on Manual. The values its currently using will be shown on the sliders.


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.